Ahhh really enjoyed reading this Michelle! Especially the part about Hudson and the wool!! Thank you very much for the updates! Brilliant! You guys are all fantastic! 

Fran S 16/7/20

Thank you for all you do for Teddy. He gets so excited about coming to school now and he’s making lots of progress in his development.

Hannah A 14/7/20

Thanks so much for your approach to this COVID situation. It seems so much more measured than friends’ nurseries.

Ellena B 8/7/20

I think you’ve done a wonderful job with ensuring children’s safety on returning and your flow of information. Happy to support any policy you see best.

Roxanne B 6/7/20

I would like to take this opportunity to send a big, heartfelt, thank you to Broughton Cottage Nursery and all its staff.  Firstly, for the accommodating, co-operative and obliging attitude which seems embedded in the Nursery and all its staff. As we all know, this has been a very disruptive and unsettling time for everyone. Personally, from our family’s perspective, we had all our childcare options slashed in one fell swoop. During this time, nothing has been too much effort for Broughton Cottage Nursery and its staff. If we were to look for a silver lining during this terrible time, for us it would certainly be finding you guys.  As I know you are aware, previously, Danny cried whenever I went to work and had to drop him off either at Granny’s, Pre-school, or his friends. This always left me with a heavy heart and was certainly not the nicest of ways to start the day for either of us. However, Danny seems to have settled far quicker here and I am sure partly to do with your never-ending efforts. You have consistently gone the extra mile, always quick to spot any flicker of trepidation in Danny’s (and possibly my) face and acting quickly, turning what could have been a potentially tearful situation into a fun and enjoyable one.

Nina G 24/6/20

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your time and kindness through this daunting process for us, you have been truly amazing and we will be always grateful to you all.

LG 24/6/20

Thank you for the email with regards to social distancing etc. I think Broughton cottage has the perfect approach with very sensible but low-key measures in place.

Ellena B 4/6/20

I would like to say how professional and supportive you have been. I truly feel like you are working with us rather than being made to feel like an inconvenience for being a key worker, which unfortunately is some people’s experience!

Amy S 25/3/20

You may be aware of other childcare providers and what they have been doing during this time and how they have been preparing. My friends whose children attend else where have not been impressed by communications, rules, regs and attitudes to all the change and how the children will be looked after. In fact many are not sending the children back which shocked me initially but when they shared the plans with me I don’t blame them! So of course it has been easy for me continue to recommend your services!

Louise N 1st June 2020.

Thank you very much for all your hard work, dedication and support to all parents during this difficult period. You are doing brilliantly!

Laurenny G 30th May 2020.

It was lovely to meet you all and we loved the nursery. We have decided to send Nova to you permanently if you will have her? We would need Monday, Tuesday and Thursday all day. I will complete the paper work as soon as I can but would she be able to come tomorrow as I’m a key worker?

Karla L 27th May 2020.

Thanks for all the resources you have been sharing! These past few weeks have only shown me how amazing you and your staff are doing the job you do! I am exhausted just having Oscar to look after!

Elspeth R 29th April 2020.

You have been instrumental in helping Florence develop her confidence and we will do anything we can to support you in this difficult time.

Elly B 25th March 2020.

Firstly thank you so much for the amazing job you and everyone at Broughton are doing handling this situation and still providing such a fantastic environment for our children and caring for them like your own, proving yet again what an amazing and special school you have.

Sinead 18th March 2020.

I just wanted to say what a fab experience we have had so far at Broughton! All the staff have been so amazing and we are really pleased we chose it for Oscar – I know he will be very happy there!

Elspeth R 4th March 2020.

You guys are doing a great job at the cottage and it’s worth every cent. 

Mrs S 24th January 2020.

My little boy has just started at Broughton Cottage and we are really loving it.  He seems very happy there and we really like all the staff, the garden is fab etc.  Really recommend it. 

Mrs B 11th January 2020.

My son went to Broughton Cottage 4 years ago and liked it then, even better now – homely, Forest School and home-cooked meals.  My daughter starts next week (she’s a year), worth a look. 

Mrs P 11th January 2020.

We are both excited of the prospect of Hudson learning so much from you all at the cottage, it’s a wonderful nursery.

22nd December 2019.

Just want to say a huge thanks from Owen and I for keeping the girls safe and happy in your care. You have made them feel very secure and made my transition back to work so smooth.

Mrs D 22nd December 2019.

Thank you for your support and kindness shown to Florence.  She loves nursery now more than ever. 

Love, Mrs B 20th December 2019.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of James and providing a second home.  He loves coming to school and has learnt so much. 

Mrs F 19th December 2019.

Thank you all for such a fab time so far, we really appreciate all you do. 

Mrs T 19th December 2019.

Thank you so much for helping Alfred settle in, we really appreciate all of your efforts. 

Mrs M 18th December 2019.

Thank you for making Joshua’s transition into nursery so easy for us all. 

Mrs B 18th December 2019.

Thank you all for making Bertie’s return to nursery so easy, he’s settling in so well and already enjoying his days at nursery so much. 

Mrs D 17th December 2019.

Thank so much for all your help with Ottie, she is loving nursery and your ‘scrummy’ food. 

Mrs V 17th December 2019.

Thank you for doing such a wonderful job. 

Love, Mrs B 16th December 2019.

Can you prepare us takeaways when we collect Thomas from nursery? The food the children have is amazing. 

Mrs D 14th December 2019.

It was wonderful seeing the nursery all up and running and the little ones enjoying a perfect wintery but sunny day outside.  

Mrs F 28th November 2019

It’s a gorgeous nursery so I have no doubt it will fill up quick. 

Mrs G 13th November 2019.

It was great to meet you all yesterday and thank you for showing us around your lovely nursery.

Mrs E 8th November 2019.

We really liked the setup and the outdoor space. After consideration, we would be thrilled for Thomas to attend your nursery.

Mrs D 4th November 2019.

Just wanted to send a quick email to thank you for yesterday. I couldn’t have wished for a better first settling in session. Elsie seemed so at ease and happy already, which is a miracle! It was so lovely to pick her up and she was keen to keep playing. Long may it last!!

Mrs T 31st October 2019.

Too much excitement to sleep I imagine! He really loved it the other day I was there – very rare I can walk out of the room so easily. 

Mr M 28th October 2019.

Thank you so much for allowing us to visit on Monday. We all really enjoyed looking around and you have a wonderful space that you’ve utilised well. We were all impressed.  I would love to put Oliver down on your waiting list for a place in January.  Mrs B 23rd October 2019.

Mrs B 23rd October 2019.

Thanks for your time in showing us Broughton Cottage – it looks like a really wonderful nursery for the kids to be at, and would be top choice if I was a working mum! 

Mrs L 29th October 2019.

You are all doing an amazing job there and we are so happy with the move, thank you to you all for your support and help with settling Rowan in so wonderfully.

Mrs B 28th October 2019.

We totally loved your settings, the outdoor area especially and you are so nice.

Mrs C 22nd October 2019.

Florence had a lovely day yesterday which I think says a lot about Broughton Cottage and the team.  I am really delighted that she has settled so quickly. She asked on Friday to go to  ‘the nursery with Maddie’ which I thought was really lovely. 

Mrs B 18th October 2019.

The nursery is lovely and exactly what we had in mind for Elle. 

Mrs K 16th October 2019.

Thank you once again for being so accommodating for our family – it is a real help.

Mrs B 15th October 2019.

Thank you for your time this morning I was so Impressed with the setting, you have done so much amazing work from how it looked previously. 

Mrs S 4th October 2019.

If you are looking for a nursery, I highly recommend Broughton Cottage Day Nursery, in Dunton Green. It has just opened (under new management & with new Ofsted approval), it is freshly decorated and the huge outside space is a kid’s dream. My two girls have just started and really enjoy it. They’ve planted flowers in the garden, made bread, learned how to use an old school computer and eaten lovely home cooked food. Plus the usual painting, games and fun! They’re open 7.30-6.30 to allow for commuters, there’s lots of parking and the staff are so friendly. No affiliation, I just had to share how happy we are there.

Mrs D. September 2019.