Our Rooms



(0 - 18 months)

Our kind and compassionate team ensure that the youngest children at Broughton Cottage are very well looked after. With care and nurture our primary focus, a typical day for the Acorns is full of fun and packed with plenty of opportunities for sensory and messy play. A separate sleep room provides the perfect space for down time in between all the stimulating and engaging activities we do.



(Rising 2 - 2.5 years)

Rapidly gaining independence as they master the art of moving about on their own two feet, it's safe to say the Seedlings are very curious about the world around them. Whether it's enjoying a spot of role play, exploring language and movement through song and dance or getting creative in our outdoor mud kitchen, the activities on offer are truly designed to continually feed imaginations.  

young oak


(2.5 - 3 years)

For the Saplings, day-to-day life at the nursery is centred around enhancing abilities in communication and concentration. Storytelling is one way we encourage the children to use language correctly, while puzzles and craft projects are among our favourite activities for improving focus. 

We also help this age group get to grips with potty training, to parallel what parents and carers are doing at home.


(3 - 4 years)

Our goal is to ensure the Oaks are ready for school, both personally and socially. Through hands-on experiences in our Forest School, the children will gain invaluable skills in problem solving, empathy and team work and comradeship. Inside the nursery, our Key Workers will build on other aspects of preparation such as using the tripod grip when working with pencils and other mark making materials.

A primary school teacher will also be invited to Broughton Cottage to speak to parents about the signs of school readiness, offering tips on how to work towards it at home too.