Our Principles

Our childcare principles have earned an excellent reputation over the years and this ethos will continue at Broughton Cottage Day Nursery.

Our chief concern is to help a child to have confidence and a good self-image, with well-developed language and communication skills.

With Broughton Cottage’s impressive and secure accommodation, large garden and parking – together with our 30 years’ experience and expertise – we are in a position to provide excellence in childcare and preschool education.

To cater for the children of working parents, Broughton Cottage will be open Monday to Friday from 07.30 to 18.30 throughout the year, except Bank Holidays, four days at Easter and from noon on Christmas Eve to 2 January.

At the nursery, each child will be in the care of a Key Worker, with whom parents communicate in the first instance. Childcare ratios are adopted strictly in line with prescribed Ofsted requirements, 1:3 for under 2, 1:4 for over 2 and 1:8 for over 3 years of age.

Through several settling in visits, gradually increasing in length, Michelle and John ensure that parents and carers know their child’s Key Worker, and that children are familiar in their new surroundings, before being entrusted to the care of Broughton’s Nursery Practitioners.

We value every child and their individual needs and abilities and we have a qualified and experienced SENDCO (Special Educational Needs and Disability Coordinator) on the team to plan for any child who needs extra assistance.

Our activities are carefully planned for children to progress towards the Early Learning goals as set out in the Early Year’s Foundation Stage curriculum. Weekly plans will be displayed throughout the nursery and we encourage parental contributions to their child’s learning and development.

Through practical activities, games, songs and stories, children are encouraged to learn basic understanding of mathematical concepts such as counting and problem-solving which, apart from providing enjoyment, extend vocabulary, improve correct speech development, concentration span and recall. All the activities at Broughton Cottage Day Nursery are an opportunity for language development and interaction between children and staff.

We are fortunate to have a lovely spacious outdoor area, with plenty of opportunities to explore and experiment. All of our children and babies have daily access to the garden, weather permitting. The older children enjoy organised games as well as running races, climbing, riding bikes and scooters and playing with hoops and balls. We take out rugs for the babies to sit on, and we play games and sing songs with them and let them enjoy the space to crawl around.  The older children enjoy planting, growing and hunting for bugs in the wildlife garden, and the babies enjoy the cool shade of the trees. We also enjoy taking the babies out in our double buggies. We feel that it is very important that they are out in the fresh air, enjoying the sensations and sensory stimulation unique to the outdoors.

The babies have their own designated sleep room, so that they can sleep at any time and follow their home routine. This is a cool room, where soft music is played to lull the babies to sleep. Full-time babies have their own cots, and although part-time babies must share their cot, fresh linen is put on daily, and they will always go to sleep in the same cot (familiarity of position). By the time the babies progress to the next room they are generally in the routine of one sleep after lunch and no longer need the separate Sleep room. If a child is tired during the day, arrangements will always be made for him or her to have a quiet rest or sleep in a peaceful place. Sufficient sleep, rest, and relaxing times are just as important to babies’ and young children’s health and well-being as nutritious food, fresh air and exercise.

Michelle and John welcome parents and other family members into the nursery to talk to the children about their jobs and hobbies – or to accompany their little ones on excursions or local walks.

There are regular occasions when mums and dads will have the the chance to chat to staff and socialise with each other – these include parents’ evenings, sports day, the Summer Fun Day and Christmas Presentation .

We consider close collaboration between parents and staff as essential in aiding a child to achieve their full potential in early years to create the best possible foundation for their education that follows.

Each child’s development will be plotted on a Learning Journal, available to parents at all times via the Baby’s Days website – an easy-to-use and secure online learning journal helping staff and families celebrate their children’s learning and development.

In addition, the Broughton Cottage team will arrange for children to visit their future educational institution, as well as inviting reception class teachers to meet their pupils-to-be.