Our Food

We take great care to promote healthy living in all aspects of life at Broughton Cottage.

Our cook prepares all our meals from basic ingredients. We do not use any prepared foods; all our flapjacks and cakes are home-baked for treats and snacks.

We have developed a nutritious, balanced menu, with seasonal variations. Staff fill in comments sheets on a daily basis to give feedback to the cook and ensure that the children are eating well.

If you would like your child to have breakfast at nursery, please ensure that you bring him or her in before 8.15am. Breakfast consists of cereal (Weetabix, Rice Crispies, Shreddies,or Cornflakes), porridge or baby cereal, depending on the stage of development and full fat cows milk or formula. Wholemeal toast, muffins or crumpets are also provided at breakfast time.

Lunch is a hot, two course cooked meal and is served at 12:00pm.

Tea is a home-made, lighter meal served at 5.00pm and usually consists of a savoury course such as quiche, pizza, macaroni cheese, vegetable bake, omelette etc, fruit or carrot / cucumber sticks, and a home-made biscuit, flapjack or cake.

All the babies and children are encouraged to drink water throughout the day, and have milk offered as a drink at least once a day (as well as at breakfast time). A mid-morning snack may consist of fresh fruit, sultanas, a rice cake or bread sticks. Please note that breastfeeding mothers are welcome to come into the nursery during the day to feed their baby if they wish.                                                                                                   

All Room Leaders meet with the cook in the mornings to discuss the needs of the children. Because the babies are at varying stages in their weaning, the menu is adapted specifically to meet individual needs.

We adapt our menu to cater for those children who have special dietary requirements or suffer from allergies or intolerances to ensure it is inclusive.