3rd August 2020

We have had yet another lovely week of brilliant sunshine here at Broughton with many activities still taking place outside. This has led us onto a new theme for August based around ‘Under the Sea’. To start the week off, the Oaks and Saplings had a big group discussion about all things ‘sea’ related which […]

27th July 2020

The children have thoroughly enjoyed the company of John’s younger daughter Tia and have really taken a shine to her as she joined us for work experience over the past two weeks. She has given staff invaluable support assisting in all four groups throughout that time and we would all like to thank her for […]

New look for the garden

Broughton’s commitment to exposing the children to as much fresh air as possible, particularly during the Coronavirus outbreak, led us to invest in an all-weather playing surface. We think it looks fabulous! Of course we still have our lovely natural lawn too! It’s quite a transformation… this is what the garden looked like when we […]

13th July 2020

Dear Parents, This week the Oaks have been very busy focusing on their physical development. They have spent considerable time stretching out their muscles, making themselves as tall as a tree and as small as a ball. The children looked at how moving in certain ways can have different effects on their bodies. They measured […]

10th July 2020

Dear Parents, We are very grateful for your patience at collection times. In these uncertain times and circumstances we cannot afford every parent a lot of time for a detailed summary of their child’s day. In response to a parent’s concerns in this regard we have decided to introduce a daily diary so that nappy […]

22nd June 2020

Dear Parents, This week, the Oaks have been very busy preparing a volcano for our small world tuff spot of dinosaurs. Using a range of materials such as tin foil and cotton wool, the children added a mix of textures and layers to build up their volcano. They then took it in turns to paint […]

19th June 2020

Dear Parents, This week, the Oaks and the Saplings have been very busy in the garden, tending to the vegetables that were being observed over the last few weeks. The children have also particularly enjoyed the mud kitchen, making lots of cups of tea and cooking up all sorts of meals for us to try. […]

12th June 2020

Dear Parents, Despite the weather this week, the Oaks and the Saplings have continued to spend the majority of their time outside. We have been continuing our theme of growth, decay and the environment, investigating how the rain has changed the garden and the animals that inhabit it. We took our magnifying glasses and went […]

5th June 2020

Dear Parents, We would like to welcome back all who returned at the beginning of the week children, parents and staff. We are delighted that the children have settled in so quickly and we thank you all for following the guidance and making the transition back into nursery a smooth one. This week the Oaks […]

30th May 2020

Dear Parents, This week we have been busy learning all about colours. To support this the children took part in colour sorting activities. Using a variety of objects in specific shades, we matched each item to corresponding paper. After a few attempts, Danny and Alf were able to match all the objects correctly. Textures were […]